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Contractor specialized in masonry restoration in Quebec City

Our mission

Respecting the original features that shape today’s infrastructure.


Atwill-Morin Quebec

Atwill-Morin Group is a 3rd generation general contractor specialized in building envelopes. The company employs more than 550 employees in 3 major regions: Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa.

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Our Services

Restoration and conservation

Heritage Buildings

For Atwill-Morin Quebec, the historical aspect of buildings and the preservation of their original condition are a constant concern. Every time we are asked to take on a project, we make a commitment to work responsibly, guided by the principles of heritage conservation.

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Restoration and repair

Masonry Buildings

The the use of stone became increasingly common as a result of the boom in major Canadian cities such as Quebec City during the 18th century. Over time, these buildings that embellish our heritage require architectural interventions.

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Restoration and repair

Plazas & Stairs

Repairing and restoring plazas and stairways require special skills and qualifications that are different from and complementary to those applied to masonry repair and restoration.

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Concrete & Structural

The extensive experience we've acquired over the years, combined with our working methods, has allowed us to guarantee quality work and to seamlessly match original facades with structural and concrete repair work.

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