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To respect the original features that shape today's infrastructure.


Atwill-Morin Québec

The Atwill-Morin Group has been in business for more than 60 years and specializes in restoring building envelopes. More than 700 workers operate in 3 branches, located in Quebec, Ottawa and Montreal.

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Our Services

Restoration and conservation

Heritage Buildings

Atwill-Morin Québec is an unfaltering ally when it comes to preserving and sharing architectural heritage. Partner and customer satisfaction is always a priority; it impacts every one of our projects, each aimed at protecting and beautifying the historic buildings and masterpieces that make up our heritage.

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Restoration and repair

Masonry Buildings

The use of stone was popularized during the development of Canada's major cities in the 18th century. Over time, these buildings that enhance the aesthetics of our heritage will require architectural work.

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Restoration and repair

Plazas & Stairs

Parvis and stairway restoration and repair require additional skills and knowledge, regarding masonry construction repair and restoration.

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Concrete & Structural

The expertise we have developed over the years, combined with our innovative and efficient working methods, allows us to guarantee quality work, as well as structural and concrete repairs that seamlessly blend into the facade.

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