Restoration and repair of masonry buildings

The use of stone became increasingly common as a result of the boom in major Canadian cities during the 18th century. Over time, these buildings that embellish our heritage require architectural interventions. Our teams are specialized to carry out various interventions, including:

  • Replacing loose and structural lintels;
  • Repointing mortar;
  • Installing chemical, Cintec and helical anchors;
  • Dismantling and rebuilding walls;
  • Consolidating back walls, replacing bricks or stones;
  • Replacing stones with specialized mortar;
  • Stone repair using inserts (shims);
  • Caulking and cleaning;
  • And more.

The Atwill-Morin Difference


Our company nurtures a genuine sense of belonging and has always advocated for authenticity and respect as core values. They still guide us today in the relationships we maintain with our employees, our partners and our customers.


The passion we have for our business is reflected in our unwavering commitment to excel in achieving of our clients' objectives, as well as in the efforts we make to ensure our team's development and success.


Personal excellence is in our DNA. This constant need to innovate is why Atwill-Morin remains industry leader. From our management methods, to the solutions we find for our customers and training provided for our employees, innovation is at the drives all our company decisions. That is how we've been able to ensure sustainable results through new techniques.

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