Restoration & repair of plazas and staircases

Repairing and restoring plazas and staircases require special skills and qualifications that are different from and complementary to those applied to masonry repair and restoration. For several years now, Atwill-Morin Group has brought masons into its ranks in order to work in the consolidation and repair of stairs and plazas. Every procedure taken on by our specialists is calculated with precision, so that the height and the width of the stones and the structure match the required result. Our expertise focuses on:

  • Dismantling, recovering and reinstalling stones;
  • Repairing and/or replacing the structure supporting the stones;
  • Installing waterproofing membranes;
  • Installing stainless steel anchors;
  • Installing neoprene features for water drainage;
  • Repointing joints;
  • Replacing stones;
  • Caulking;
  • Pressure cleaning;

The Atwill-Morin Difference


Our company nurtures a genuine sense of belonging and has always advocated for authenticity and respect as core values. They still guide us today in the relationships we maintain with our employees, our partners and our customers.


The passion we have for our business is reflected in our unwavering commitment to excel in achieving of our clients' objectives, as well as in the efforts we make to ensure our team's development and success.


Personal excellence is in our DNA. This constant need to innovate is why Atwill-Morin remains industry leader. From our management methods, to the solutions we find for our customers and training provided for our employees, innovation is at the drives all our company decisions. That is how we've been able to ensure sustainable results through new techniques.

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